09 May

This delicious variation on the steak is an easy dish to prepare. Look for a beautiful head of cabbage at your local Farmer's market. You will find the best varieties of vegetables at the Farmer's market.

Slice steaks in a desired thickness, at least an inch for meatiness.

Slow cook your steaks in an oven at 300 degrees.  I like to put them in the oven in the morning and they are ready by lunch time.

Optionally bush both sides with a “healthy” oil and place onto cookie sheet.

Season to taste with your favorite spices.  I recommend including fennel seeds and turmeric to create a nice crust of seasoning.

Bake until caramelized and tender.

And, if they are ready before lunch, have a mid-morning snack.

Cabbage has a ton of health benefits. It is cancer protective, improves heart health, your immune system and digestive tract, and fights cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Learn more at Medical News Today

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